What you should include in your hospital bag

I love making lists. A list for grocery shopping, a decluter list, an instagram profile list, a to-do list, an easy-recipe list, a shopping list, a list of lists...
But seriously, the hospital list is on the top 10. So here are some recommendations of a few things you should include in your own list. If you want to share yours leave it on the comments. 
Remember, this is not the full list, just some of our favorite items!


  1. Two pairs of cotton socks or booties.
  2. A little hat
  3. The tip-home outfit (all-in-one is the best thing)
  4. Baby car seat - Ask your doctor if he recommends it.
  5. Baby blanket
  6. Three sleepsuits and vests
  7. Jacket or warm sweater


  1. Maternity documents, insurance info and hospital forms
  2. Three pairs of really warm and comfortable socks
  3. Your favorite slip-on slippers
  4. Lip balm and massage lotion
  5. Ask your doctor what snacks and drinks should you eat
  6. Hairbands, clips
  7. Pillows that you love
  8. Music, magazines, books, tablet
  9. T-shirt to wear in labout
  10. Dressing gown.
  11. Birth ball
  12. Camera


  1. The going-home outfit.
  2. Nursing bras
  3. Breast and maternity pads
  4. Comfortable and front-opening t-shirts for breastfeeding
  5. Towels, hairbursh, toothbrush and toothpaste.
  6. Eye mask and earplugs
  7. Little presents for the visitors (cupcakes, candies, cookies)
  8. Camera and charger
  9. Mobile phone and charger
  10. A pair of Koh's welcome-home shoes. (Size 0)


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